What do people want from a roleplay game / how to make a good roleplay game?

If I ever I worked on a roleplay game, I would appreciate if people could give some ideas of things they would like to see in a roleplay game. Maybe something to give a fresh feel to the game. Things like: Features, theme, things to do etc. Any answers much appreciated.

Well, if you’re gonna make something like a life/family center RP game(aka like Bloxburg), then you should make the building far more controlable; there’s a reason only 3k people still play RoCitizens and why 100K play Bloxburg.
If you’re considering any type of RP game, I think you should really try making something like Generic Roleplay Gaem, but more modern. It’s a pretty cool game and I’d love to see more games like it.
Anyways, main takeaway from all I’m saying: people like control. if you give someone a gun for a police job and it doesn’t actually work, they’ll be mad. if you only allow pre-built houses in family RP games, they’ll be mad.
Try giving the player as much control as possible, basically.


looks like roleplay games will become the next trend. Just make it lively and a big map. (Depending on players)