What do you all think of this food?

Any changes / critiques?


This looks great. I love the detail of this. This would not work in a prison game or a hotel game, but I feel like this would be great as airplane food.

Overall, I love the look of this!

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Yeah, you got it spot on, it was modeled after airplane food lol

Looks great, maybe you could find food textures to make it look less plastic-y (especially the veg)

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This looks great! However some feedback for you, try creating your own textures for the food, like the meat, bread and vegetables. Overall, really nice!

Hope this helps! Happy Holidays! :slight_smile:

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The textures are all mine, I painted them using blenders painting software, Merry Christmas!

What I meant my creating your own textures, you should create more detail for the items as stated so they do not seem so ‘plasticy’ as said by @ZacBytes