What do you dislike about the Roblox Website?

What do you dislike about the Roblox Website?

And what do you wish could be added to Roblox.

I wish the message and group system had more attention payed to it. For instance when you receive a trade, you get a notifcation in your inbox, therefore extremely hard to find real messages where it makes it nearly unusable. For the group system, I wish that roblox had some more features (not sure what they would add), but the whole allie & enemy system is something that is more of a 2015 clan roblox feature.

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I dislike this message that I can’t remove in any way

I don’t know if this is just me but…
The profile page takes centuries to load :frowning_with_open_mouth:

i dislike it not loading at all for 2 months straight


You can just verify your number.

Thats really weird, contact an admin or moderator.

I dont want to, i feel scared that there might be a data breach or something