What do you do to the Player's Character when they are in the main menu?

I am trying to make a main menu, but I don’t know what to do with the Character.
I need the Character to load when they first join the game, or else the workspace and UI doesn’t load.
But then, where do I put the character?
Do I delete the character?
Do I anchor it?
Do I just hide it somewhere?

And then when the play button is pressed, do I reload the character?
Or do I just set HumanoidRootPart to the spawn area?

Too many things to consider for me.

i currently have my character anchored.

Just hide it in a black box, that will save you a lot of hassle.

Or put it in serverstorage, too. Then on play, use :LoadCharacter

I put my player at a position like 1000,1000,1000 and then anchor him, while the loading screen is active. Once it’s done, it teleports them where they need to be (spawn point)

deleting the character and when player interacted player using loadcharacter() :smiling_face: