What do you guys think about these Minigames?

About 6 months ago, @Reshiram110 and I wanted to start a bigger game that we couldn’t manage at the time, so we downscaled into something simplier, now known as “RS Minigames”.

We’ve been having trouble getting any sort of attention, and we’ve been putting more money in than earned, even with a systems such as

We’d like to hear what you guys have to say about the game, and such.

The game was scripted by @Reshiram110 and built by me.

Just played a bit. It feels like every other minigames place I’ve ever played. Any plans to distinguish it?

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When I first proposed the idea, I was thinking more engaging and in depth minigames.

More like Mario Party instead of just spawning players and having random stuff happen.

But at the same time, when we first started our skill level wasn’t quite there yet, so we took a “Epic Minigames” approach at it, something that doesn’t seem to be going too well for the game itself.

There’s not much we can do besides create a whole new place in general, with a new concept and all. We knew from the start that Minigames wouldn’t be what got us on the front page, but it would be more of an experience.

No offense but most of the times when people try to make mini games it always turns out to be something mediocre and unoriginal with their being a lobby of people who are forced to play randomized games.

A great way to fix this issue would be to allow all the players in the server to choose a game they want to play on a sort of board or selection GUI, having the data save to the place so you can check which games are played the most, either revamp or remove the ones people don’t like.

Your place looks nice and has a good feel to it but just doesn’t seem to grab my attention other than the looks. Try adding more things to do outside of the mini games.

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Thank you for the excellent feedback