What do you guys think about this arrangement?


Hey there. I recently started composing an soundtrack for a new game I am working on. One of the main themes I have recently finished. What do yo think about it? I did use another song as a guide for this song.


Not bad, its really cool to hear something like this.


professional. It sounds like a main theme in a superhero movie. Though it sounds the same all the way through. There isn’t any parts. you have the beginning, where it is soft, but then the rest is the same. You should ad some thing in the middle that just makes is powerful and main theme like.


This track sounds very heroic; good job at accomplishing that theme.

As @MageOnix mentioned, the song seems a bit segmented and does not vary enough. Some suggestions to make the song more interesting include swapping out (or adding) instruments in some areas and playing with different pitches to create a diverse set of voices. I also noticed that the beat sounded slightly off time starting at 1:49.

If you add a bit more variation to the different sections of the song that you have, I can see this being quite a fitting track for a trailer or action game.


Wow. I love it, it sounds like it would fit perfect in an action movie. Keep up the great work!


I Love this audio. How much does it cost?

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Well unfortunately I am not actually selling that one. If you want me to make you one for you we can discuss it if you would like.

You can explain things WAYYY better than me XD

What program do you use? Is it possible to put reverb or anything on the drums, I was really enjoying it but the drums took me right out of the song.

I used bandlab for this one. Previously I use Sibelius for recording MIDI input because I can see the notes better and I used to use soundtrap however I don’t like the fact you have to pay for it.

What you may want to do is just lower the drums so they aren’t so upfront in the audio because traditionally with a orchestral piece the strings would be up front and the drums would be way in the back, it should help clean it up a bit without being able to use reverb.
Small suggestion, but, for the first drum hit it should be on a downbeat so we get a real strong pulse. The smallest details can always help improve the song by a lot, good luck with composing!


I love it 10/10! sounds really good with headphones

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