What do you guys think about this game thumbnail?

This is my friends (who doesnt use this forum) game thumbnail, I am the community manager of the game.

I know it looks crusty but do you think it’ll hold out for the game right now?

game link cause its technically not my property: Untitled Gear Wars - Roblox


To be perfectly honest I think it’s a good start and looks good but if I look at it from a player/users perspective it doesn’t seem that intriguing. I think you should add more colour and spiff it up a tad, other then that keep up the great work🛠 I hope this helped😁


This is okay. It could be better.

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I do not think you should use this. Here are my reasons:
The white bars at the side are unnecessary.
Having the 4 - in 1 picture style looks tacky.
The outline is distorted on the text.
The text isn’t in the middle and is rotated too much.


The text in the middle of the thumbnail doesn’t really fit. Try putting it at the top left and maybe use something to encourage members to join. For example:

4 different maps to play with!
Special maps!

Change the font and outline to make it more modern. For now, it looks like something old-school like. (If you aim for this, then it matches)

The text is bland and having four images next to each other without them fitting with each other makes the thumbnail generally low quality so not really a thumbnail you should use but for a placeholder it works alright, given you remove the white spaces and make sure it fits the thumbnail size.

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I like this game thumbnail because it shows one key thing, what you’re going to see, and you did this perfectly!


Let me be honest.

  1. You aren’t using the appropriate thumbnail size - it’s 1980*1080.
  2. The position of the text isn’t the appropriate one. Move it at the top and place it horizontally.
  3. The text font isn’t appropriate. Choose something more cartoonish, I guess.
  4. Add people. Your game looks like it’s dead without adding some people.

Anyway, that’s a good beginning, I guess. Good luck with your game!

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The text’s rotation makes it a bit odd to read, and since it seems to be the centerpiece of the thumbnail it would be in your best interest to avoid that. The font as well seems a bit plain, and not too dissimilar to something I would see at the top of my Microsoft Word font list. The pictures are arranged with pretty much no creativity behind them, just put in a simple 2x2 grid that isn’t very appealing. Look to some other thumbnails for more inspiration in your designs. It would also be helpful to know how long the person who made this has been using any sort of graphical application.


  • Straighten out the text
  • Find a new font, one that is more appealing
  • Get a better layout for the photos/find some other ideas

(I say ‘you’ as directed towards the aforementioned friend.)

i mean it looks simple,if i would be the person who made this i would add some color to it to give a ‘‘premium’’ game feeling, better font and placement and ofc color so its bit easier to see,thats all my opinions not saying that you should do everything i said,good luck!

You should make it match the aspect ratio and not put 4 images at once but one with the title per slide so you will have 4 thumbnails and it looks overall better on the slideshow, the title should have a better font too.

My recommendations

rather than 4 in 1 just make 4 different thumbnails each with one of those pics as the main picture, it looks better, and as a player i prefer more thumbnails with different things in each one

also change the text the font looks odd and theres a weird white outline on the text that isnt very flattering

id also recommend making your thumbnails in 1920x1080 to get rid of the white bars

my final suggestion is add some filters, saturation, color, contrast, etc.

a good basic photoshop i use is pixlr, it has everything you need to make a good looking roblox thumbnail and it’s free with no downloads