What do you guys think about this gamepass logo idea?

(Follow up to What do you guys think about this T-Shirt and Group Logo? - #3 by TrickyTunamers)
I have an idea for a gamepass logo, what do you think?

Would you buy it?


It seems offensive to me, hopefully it doesn’t offend anyone.

And also I wouldn’t buy it, I wouldn’t buy it since it doesn’t seem like it gives perks for the player inside the game and that is what a good gamepass to me is. A gamepass with good in-game perks.

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I would actually buy that thing for satirical purposes, because hell, this is comedy gold. As long it gives me a title that is as satirical as this, it should be good.

and also, does this counts as meme post? It will get deleted soon though


I don’t wanna come across as immature or edgy but.

To a SATIRICAL and IRONIC extent,


Even if this is sarcastic it is scarily accurate.

I’d honestly buy it for comedic purposes because it looks cool

It seems offensive and well- You could make something better.

how the hell is it offensive please tell me

this is a pretty gamepass logo but it needs to be a circle

Who knows? it might become a great success, I certainly get the joke, but there again, I have no money so I can’t buy gamepasses, however I can understand how it might put off some people, but there again, some may like the humour. Either way, if you do make Robux out of it you can quote Cassetteboy’s David Cameron rap “I’m not saying it’s not funny, it is for me I’ve got loads of money!”