What do you guys think of my survival-horror game?

GAME LINK: (1) The Monster: BETA - Roblox
If you’re not sure how to play the game, press E for instructions and Q for controls.

Anyways, I’d like to know your thoughts on it. If there’s anything wrong or if you have any ideas for the game, please tell me!


It’s an ok game could definitely use improvement. Scale the ui for mobile players. Over all it’s basic maybe make it more detailed. I’m not a fan of the thumbnail either but it will work


  • Move the play button to the top of the menu
  • Center the main menu UI (an easy way to do this is setting the anchor point 0.5,0 and changing the x position to (0.5,0)
  • Allow the player to move their mouse in the main menu to increase fluidity
  • Reduce the screen static
  • Remove the black bar on top of the screen when you’re playing (unless there’s a specific reason for this?)

I found the gameplay to be an interesting experience. Overall, the graphics need to be improved, more detail needs to be added to the forest. The monster could also use some better animations.

The biggest issue I had with this game is that it’s not unique. It felt almost like an exact copy of the Rake… which ruins the experience in a way…

Nice game although the models can be improved

I would make the cursor on the menu screen invisible and change the UI, Also the game is pretty unsmooth and I found a glitch where I just got flung under the map for look down. Overall it seems unfinished. but has potential once the changes are made.