What do you guys think of this thumbnail


Dude, i wanna play that

Most people dont include who made the game in the thumbnail
The noob head and the :wink: face dont really match

Other than that, its okay

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Cool, but…

Did you make this topic as a reply or something?

In terms of the meme/internet culture look of the thumbnail, it looks fine. Though, I’d agree in a professional outlook of thumbnail design that you should at least have some matching artstyles, but other than that, it’s mostly adequate.

It’s a meh. a change the display name to your username because you can choose your username every 1 week, i haven’t changed my display name (slide) in a while

And also make the fire more glowing it looks imported

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If it’s just for something like what I saw in another reply meme/internet culture, I would say you did a good job on it. But if you’re going for a clean and better look, I would say remove the big head, it feels out of place.

Overall though, pretty good, defiantly better than what I can make!

very memey icon in my opinion, I don’t think it will drag people away from your game. it’s solid

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Agreed. This is a chad masterpiece.

Really dark, and hard to see.

Some filters might spice it up.


remade the thumbnail i think this version is way better

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Idk, seems less active. It looks brighter and more visible though so you’re on the right track for filters.