What do you guys to remove exploiters from your games?

Hello, I have recently seen an increase in Hackers/Exploiters joining my game and destroying the map and banning me and my HRs with nasty message.

I have tried many scripts for auto bans and ani-exploits but they don’t work. So if you could link me a good anti-exploit it would me a ton since my members are getting concerd about how many exploiter join a day.

Thank you.

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Most anti-cheat (or anti-exploits) would prompt your players to purchase their Anti-Exploit when they join the game, and it doesn’t even work, so I would recommend you make your own. If you want me to make/or find you one, please private message me.

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If you are being banned from your own game/kicked then clearly they have found some exploit in your game to take advantage of. Make sure you have secure remotes and have not installed any backdoors/viruses

Read this for more info.


Well if you want to remove exploits from your game you’re gonna have to understand how they work. Exploits can only be ran from the client side, meaning that they can’t effect servers themself, however Remote Events are able to be taken advantage of, and many Player features they can also take advantage of because of the character mostly being calculated on the client. There are a few key exploits that you need to patch first. Start with Walkspeed and JumpPower, The walkspeed of a character is determined from the client side, and if the player’s walkspeed on the client side is different from the server side you can change it back to the server’s walkspeed. Same with JumpPower

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This is not regularly possible with exploits. An “anti-exploit” won’t be able to fix this because this isn’t an issue with exploiting, but on how your game is structured. Your admin script (and remotevents) is probably don’t contain any checks, so an exploiter can just abuse that.

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Destroying the map and banning shouldn’t be possible to just exploit, unless you have some really unsecured and dangerous remote events in your game, or in a worst case scenario even a backdoor, which allows them to execute things on the server.

However, generally destroying the map and banning isn’t possible since that’d mean the exploiter would require server side access which is only done via a backdoor, so instead of trying to patch it, I’d look to see if there are any backdoors of the sort.

Good luck.

You want to understand what your exploiters are exactly doing to your game. This knowledge will help you create your own Anit-Exploit script. For example, if an exploiter is teleporting around your game, you can consistently check their position within your world and after a certain time passed, check it again. If they seem to have moved an obscene amount from their original position within the time passed, then you can either kick them or do whatever you want.

A good way to prevent your game from ending up destroyed is by searching in all scripts (CTRL + SHIFT + F) and look for require or any sort of Lua Obfuscation.

If you use free models, look for any scripts in them and then look around inside the script to see if you find anything suspisious.

Creating an Automated Ban could be achieved by using DataStoreService.

Be sure to include constant checks in an Anti Exploit script as well as strikes JUST INCASE a player accidentally gets banned or detected as an exploiter.

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