What do you see when you look at this icon?

  1. I want this icon when you look at it, to say “Sword Collecting Simulator”.

  2. The text only says collecting simulator, because the sword text would have taken up too much space.

  3. Obviously, the only way to get great feedback, other than a poll on the DevForums!

Sword Sim Game Icon

What do you see when you see this icon?

  • I see sword collecting simulator.
  • I see Collecting simulator.

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Maybe a sword going through the text would have a much better impression, opposed to “Collecting Simulator”. If someone was scrolling through games to play and the saw the words Sword Collecting Simulator, they want to play it as it sounds interesting, but no offence but collecting simulator doesn’t really describe the game well enough for people to play it. Personally If I was making this I would add “Sword Collecting Simulator” First make it look fancy and then see what I can fit in, and if I can’t fit anything else in then I would simply just leave it like that. Some game that have this are Dugeon Quest, Tower of hell and other games that I can’t really remember right now. Overall the Icon itself is great, it just doesn’t present the game well enough. This my opinion on this, Thank you for reading. Hope this helps.


I saw an over-ambitious tax collector.


mabye try to put a sword behide the text


Yours pose is perfect, but your Avatar is blurry and am sure you did not use the Eevee engine to render it, I suggest you use that as an engine, font, pose and background are well made, and i see a Sword Collecting simulator, good job anyways.

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I would change the (simulator) text to a different color like blue because if everything looks white it’s not good