What do you thing about my game? : Abandoned house

Hello there!

I have made a simple game from scratch and the only free model I have used is a game pass for a Bloxy cola tool made from Roblox.

This is also my first non-free model game i have ever made so i hope you like it!

Anyways I would like some feedback

Game link:

Some images of the game


I’ve got some brutally honest feedback.

The trees are all the same size. It’s all block parts, no variety. There’s parts of the home that are added in that wouldn’t fit back in anywhere. The parts are clipping with other parts causing them to spaz out.

Now how can you improve it? To fix the tree sizes, just take a few trees and scale them up or down. To make it less blocky just use more than one type of part. For the parts of the homes that don’t line up to anything I recommend making sure that when you add a hole you add the same sort of shape as a counter part to it immediately. To make it so parts aren’t clipping you should resize something up to the other part.

That’s what I’ve got. For your first original build it’s pretty good.


Thanks for the feedback! :+1:
I will improve my game!


It’s actually really good for a beginner, I love it! :+1: