What do you think about adding animated seats to a restaurant game?

So i was asking myself would it be cool if i added animated seats to a restaurant type of game which makes the game more cooler in my opinion.

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By animated seats you mean like an animation to sit down right?

If so, yeah, I definitely agree. It’s cool to see people actually sitting down and not magically just appear on the seat.

Yeah that’s what i meant a random type animation seat when you sit down

Yeah, that’d be really cool. I think it just all depends on execution.

Depends on the quality of the animating too.

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I feel there is no use adding animated seats to a restaurant type game. After all, people like quick movements. It would just cause a down in number of people playing the game. Animated seats makes sense if you’re planning to use it in a plane.

True i agree animated seats can be used in specific type of hangout games.