What do you think about my Cafe?


Recently I made Cafe building. What do you think about my Cafe?

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After hearing all the advice:

##Menu image no made by me (google image example)##


Thanks a lot of all your opinions!
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Hey! I saw you were looking for some feedback on your build!
Here are a few things to keep in mind when reading my feedback!

  1. These are my opinions and are what I prefer.
  2. My opinions are constructive and not meant to bash your build.
  3. Im not claiming to be a professional builder.

Now that we got that out of the way lets get to some feedback and what i think! Im going to start in sections from outside, to building, to detail

So let’s Start!

When looking at the outside I see it’s very very plain. There isn’t much going on outside which is really “boring” to say. It’s also a very very large space which now makes it seem even more empty! I also look at the grass and think it’s very bright for a grass color. There are a lot of different grass colors you can do! I suggest making it a little darker! Another thing to note is that the border is very very plain. Its 2 bricks each side and doesn’t make it any better to look at. Now let’s get onto the next part of this section. The Suggestions!!

  1. I suggest you make the grass a little darker because it’s a very bright green
  2. I suggest adding some rocks trees and grass parts around the map.
  3. I suggest making the ground a little less flat by adding some hills or different flat areas that aren’t all on the same axis.
  4. I suggest adding some more detail to the boundaries by adding some more parts to the side and different height to it.
  5. Add a boundary brick to the windows because windows don’t just magically attach to the concert like that!

These are some things that I suggest! Now let’s get to the next section! The building!

From what I see when first looking at it, it’s very flat. It has no dimension to it what-so-ever. It’s also very very plain. no exciting architecture or shapes. The color is also very very bland and its mostly just one color. The CAFE sign is also very bright and plain. The pillars could also use some spice. Now that we got that here is some feedback on what to do!

  1. I would suggest bringing out the roof and making an overhang to add some dimension to the build. Dimension is very very important when it comes to building a structure.
  2. I would suggest adding some more parts to the pillars and changing the material. Add some bricks that are bigger at the bottom of the pillars to add more detail.
  3. I suggest bringing the brightness of the neon down by making it more transparent. Also, add some detail to it by making a back to it like a real sign.
  4. I suggest adding a secondary color to your structure. It has one color and its very plain. I can’t give much on what to do you will just have to experiment.

Now for the final section the detailing/ props. From what I see there is a lot of copy and pasting which isn’t bad. it’s just excessive in some parts. The lights for example. Way too many. The boxes look good and was a really nice detail. The counter is very plain though. For the suggestions now!

  1. Remove like half of the lights. There is way too many
  2. Add some more detail to the high stools.
  3. Add some more detail to the counter by making the countertop extend out. Remember dimension is everything!
  4. Spread things out more. It seems very very very cramped in there!

This about concludes my feedback! I hope you can take some of the things I said here and make your build even better!


Personally in my opinion, it’s a great start so far you must be new to building or starting off I do get a few suggestions and that could really improve your design. Please don’t take this as hate or anything like that but as constructive criticism and feedback.

I think it’s too simple at this moment. It’s too plain and has many ceiling lights placed all around it. There’s many ways you can detail it and the lighting is very basic, the interior is very repetitive but could look a lot better if you created different types of chairs and tables or possibly place some decorations around the building like pictures, art, wall signs ect. The outside seating by the front part of the cafe is very random, I’ll try changing the floor texture to something else maybe a concrete material instead of a wooden texture.

I’d recommend adding decorations outside of the cafe to attract players and to set an atmosphere. I’d also recommend that you should add textures on the walls outside of the cafe as it looks really plain try using different textures instead of covering the whole cafe with one whole material. I believe that you should also add some color to your cafe to look more better. This is great work so far, especially if you are new or still learning, remember to always use reference images or visit other café groups to see how they build thing as this could really improve your building skills and the building itself.

The ceiling and walls feels too empty I’ll try spacing things up so it won’t look to cluttered. Here’s my simple suggestion I’ll add some hanging decorations around the ceiling, such as menus, pictures, or something that could make the cafe look better. I would try adding a second floor I feel like there is a lot more you could do with it inside of the cafe, maybe if possible, you could definitely add some chairs and tables on the outside of the cafe or try spacing everything thing out because it looks pretty close to each other something like that could work in my opinion.

This looks great though, keep on trying to improve your build!


Thank you for your opinion :slight_smile:

Thanks for your opinion :slight_smile:


This café has lots of potential into it, and is pretty good considering the style you were going for. Though I’d love to suggest some things for you to improve your current asset.

  • The outdoor area is very plain and basic. Try adding vegetation such a trees, rocks, maybe a small hill. If you’re going for something for city-like, you can always try adding more buildings around the cafe.

  • The textures you chose unfortunately aren’t exactly cafe-like. I’d strongly suggest changing your current textures since they’re off-topic to the cafe. I’m also struggling to understand if you were going for low poly or not due to bad material and texture usage.

  • Certain models look more plain than others. A great example would be how good-looking the couches would be and how medium - ish the outdoor furniture would be compared to the couches. Having unbalanced detail can lead to confusion and make the game less appealing.

That’s all I believe that should be covered for now, I can’t wait to see how the final product looks like!

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Thanks you for your opinion :slight_smile:

Map was very empty, maybe try adding trees/rocks/ponds to kind of spice it up. The texture of the desk was too bright, and not that realistic looking. The stools seem to be different scales and thicknesses. The support for the stools it a little thin, maybe scale it up a bit. The “Worker only” area looks like it is painted on. Tape on the boxes was too thick. Too many lamps. The grass is extremely bright. Borders could look a bit more interesting other than a dirt wall. Fix all of that and I may give it a 7/10.


I think it looks awesome! I’m not sure what to recommend, but make sure to keep up the great work! :smiley:

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Thanks for your opinion :slight_smile:

Thanks for your opinion :smile:

Hi there,

I see you’re looking for feedback, so here you are, please do not get offended of my feedback, I’m just telling the truth.


Here, you should change the color of the text, and also make the brick transparent so it dosen’t stand out. https://gyazo.com/1a3de39738cae7c3b7e38d0f20544ee3

It’s not got alot of greenery , I would add potted plants, adding on to that salt shakers, tissues and more small details.

Too much lights, I would delete some, about 3 on each row https://gyazo.com/430527b50847cf34eb6a7a4865485abf, I would also change this part: https://gyazo.com/091e6bbfd23911dcd7497edaeb502fd8 I would make it the same texture, for the flooring for the seats outside should have another texture, rocky etc. I would also make the grass darker.

There also white parts on the couch for the seats, change the transparency of them to 1.

But, apart from that It’s ace! Very nice tables and seats.


Thanks for your opinion :slight_smile:

No worries, and if you’re looking for a developer, dm me. c: albert#0005

NICE! This is truly a masterpiece! Just one suggestion about the colour of the desk maybe make it blend in a bit more. Otherwise, looking good! :grinning:

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Nice one segestion I would add a menu at the top of the register line so customers can see what they wanna order.

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Your cafe looks nice but the outside is a bit plain

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Thanks for your opinion :slight_smile:

Thanks for your opinion :smiley:

Thanks for your opinion :smile: