What do you think about my map?

I’m building an airfield for my WW2 game. This is what I have so far. I’ll revamp it later, but this is just a quick throw together just to get the first map out. What do you guys think?

river crossing:

And that’s about it for now. Tell me your thoughts and what should I improve.


You should add trenches/bunkers/more trees etc. Looks good so far, a bit small and I’ve never seen trees like this in a colonial/world war era game, they are usually dead realistic trees… It does seem as one side is more advantaged than the other with tree cover, the other guys are definitely getting spawn camped haha :smiley:

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This is based off of a map from a game that got content deleted. I"m trying to be as close to the original map as I possibly can and the original map had blocky trees and bushes

I thought it was a quick throw together for the first map? idk the map you’re referring to so if you have a pic then I could judge

I don’t have any pics but theres a video showing the map. Just search up Frontlines West 44 and the first video that shows up is it.

This is very cool. One thing though, the trees and the rocks give the feeling that it was copy-pasted. Try rotating it or resizing it to give it a more natural look .

I’d suggest making your own models rather than using free models. At the moment the map looks very plain, I get you’re trying to get as close as you can to the original map but you should at least make the map look better than it is at the moment and make some these a bit different. A few suggestions I have is a barrier for the map, something like rocks, hills, etc. Different trees and different types of plants. With these changes your map won’t look so empty and overall better.

I think I’ve found the right video, but the video is much more advanced as a map than the one you posted about. Maybe update it more and post updates because right now its not similar to the map and therefore impossible to judge from

I like the idea, but what I would recommend is that you improve the water a little since I do not find it as much shape or sense because it looks more like a sky with many clouds, however, I recommend using the terrain that you Roblox provides to generate water and now you change its properties but use the tool that suits you
I hope this helps :smiley:

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The map changing script uses parts and models, not terrain.

pretty cool, love to see more screenshots, think those water particls are neat

i see the point (30 caracters)

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Yeah, I think it looks great. But, I am wondering how did you do that water particle.