What do you think about my project? [A teal spark]

What Is the game “A teal spark”?:

It’s a game based off SCP:CB your goal is to escape a facility on lockdown
fight your way to the exit uncover the secrets of what happened

What do you think of the game

Version info:

The game is currently in 0.1 Alpha
0.1 is no longer public


I like it so far! The rooms are well built as well as the right amount of decorations. I think this is good to go!


You could add more things to fill up the insides of the rooms, I am just seeing the same old containers, maybe add a rugged carpet and some more objects that have fallen over. I don’t know, just some ideas, good luck.

I say these things because you have paper on the floor, making it look pretty uncared for.


Looks good! I would try using future lighting, though for best results (maybe you already did and it was to taxing on performance?)

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