What Do You Think About My Settings/Other Module?

This module lets you change settings, I’m not quite done, 200+ lines but still not lol. I will add more, heres the link:

It will describe some stuff in the script. Bye (It’s not even useful, but could help!)

It dose the same things as you can put in the settings but with some useful functions. It’s only Beta 0.1, tell me if you have any suggestions

It’s not available? Can’t really give an opinion on it


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Oh I forgot LOL sorry wait! imma fix it

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should work now, i forgot to put it on

Also, in the module, make sure to change the ‘local normalspeed = NUMBER’ the startspeed may not work when they go over the limit.

Ok, I have a few questions:

Is there a specific reason why the module script has an Instance function? Wouldn’t it be faster just to do Instance.new?

Also, shouldn’t things like the PlayerAdded and admin module functions be in a separate server script? Server Scripts run immediately and it would be more efficient to have it in a regular script, the module script should also act as the storage rather than the source.

My biggest question is why the main script is a module script rather than a normal script? Like, the usage of the module script should be up to the developer because the server script that requires it doesn’t seem necessary as the module script is in the game and isn’t a private/public module.

Essentially, the entire script can be moved to a regular script

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Ok about the Instance.new I didn’t know what else to do, I just added it lol

And I picked module because people can do module:Function(), a module you can do

local mod = require(script.Parent)

mod:Filter(plr, "Hello World") -- With a normal script you can't acess functions and variabls like modules do

Your module script never returns the table lol


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Yes it do lol I just checked lmao

But, I’m trying to see what I can add. What Setting do you suggest?

You could possibly add a built-in server ban or something similar (not to be confused with a game ban)

local m = {}
m.__serverbans = {}
function m:SBan(player)
  table.insert(self.__serverbans, player.UserId)

   if table.find(m.__serverbans, player.UserId) then
      player:Kick(" You're banned from this server.")
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I already did that, it has a table of userId’s i think. (But it’s a game ban)

I think I will add a server ban then, maybe with a ban command?

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I meant for in-game, in-case someone is being disruptive and an admin wants to kick them from the server instead of a regular kick

Yeah, I can do commands like that! It’s easy lol but I’ll need to use DS (DataStore) to ban.