What do you think about this abandoned room

So, i was a little bored so i decided to make something on studio, here are the photos of how it is looking:

Did you like it, how could i make it better?

(I am not so good at building and i am a bit new, have this in mind)


I suggest using duller colors, the bright greens and yellows don’t really fit the abandoned style. I would also suggest learning to use blender for the vines to get them around the statues without it looking very blocky ( unless that’s the style you’re going for )

You’re doing great, don’t give up and you’ll get better as you go !


Ok thanks, i am bad at blender so i am not going to use it.

Kinda looks like the undertale thrown room. Maybe add some better lightning…

I was very bad at blender too but I think for any builder, knowledge of blender is very useful for all kinds of buildings. Just try it out again and follow a tutorial to learn, you wont regret it !