What do you think about this combat game?


Me and my friend made a combat game, what do you think about it?




Judging by the screenshots provided to me, there’s a lot to improve in here. Although the idea seems nice; I’ve noticed several fee models and bad placement in some assets.

  • When you aim to create a combat game revolving around nature (based on the baseplate color, material, and trees spotted in the background) you want to make it more natural by adding more trees, bushes, ponds, rocks etc. that the player could also use as a defensive spot. Try bringing your map back to life.

  • Some models such as the trees are barely placed anywhere and in the only spot they were they were close to each other leaving the rest of the map plain.

  • When you’re making a team combat style game, you want to make it so players from both teams interact in ways they could ambush, hide, or even escape from each other. Due to the low vegetation, and models placed around the map it’s easier and less exciting to attack the enemy team.

  • Adding to that, some of the models are notably free models and although one or two free models are fine they were used all around the map. Try working on your own models, to make the place original.

  • Lastly, I do not really see the point of adding a dummy shooting model in the map when the whole purpose is for the players to attack each other, it might end up distracting them.

As for gameplay in general, I’m not aware due to me never playing your game before.

I can see you’re still a beginner developer, and if you continue developing like that, experiment in your own, give yourself some time, and watch tutorials you’ll grow within the Developer community a lot. I see lots of potential here. Good luck!

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Hi Developer,

I’m giving you feedback on your game;


  • You should add bushes, maybe pillars and destroyed buildings so people can hide, chests with guns.

  • As said before, you should not add dummies, I’m unsure if this is just for testing, but you should fight the opposite team.

  • Add more guns, as said it can be in chests that you can claim/buy.

  • I would make a place where people can maybe get uniforms, hats for army and get ready for fighting.

i would add more, but i would like to see more pictures

Anyways, you have a lovley game there.


I’ve seen some free models in the screenshots, I’m not trying to be rude, or anything, I just suggest checking if any of the models contain a virus. And I suggest a little more scenery, but great work! :smiley:

It’s pretty rare for a free model to contain a virus anymore. I personally don’t really use the toolbox anymore, so I can’t be 100% sure. However, if a model is good-looking and it was actually made by the one uploading the model it’s most likely legitimate. Though if you’ve heard otherwise, please inform me.

Some models still contain viruses, as I have taken a model for a GFX that contained a virus that allowed guest to talk, and was pretty much an exploit.

Not true at all, more than half of the free models on the front page of models contain viruses even in the toolbox. They may look good, but that doesn’t mean they don’t contain viruses. Someone can simply steal the model and put a virus into it to cause harms to anyone who uses it in their game. This is also due to people like and take botting their models, so it’s easy for people to fall for the virus.

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I disagree, people try make it look appealing so people fall for it.

Lighting is weird, looks very tacky, overuse of free models, lack of detail.

I’d say a 1/10 in my opinion.

Shame really, that after all that time it’s not 100% safe. However, free scripts are something to be cautious about in general. Thank you for alerting me of the situation!

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I’ve Searched Through the code, Nothing there.