What do you think about this game icon for a hangout game?

A game icon for a group hangout I’m making, with the logo taking up the majority and a blurred image of the hangout in the background. What do you think?


Not bad at all. But, in my opinion I would remove the brick outline. Other then that I think its great!

Not bad at all, though, it get’s a bit “busy” down here, there are multiple objects in one place, try spreading them out!


Also there is a little spot right here that is more inflated than the rest.


Great! Though I have to agree with @ItsNickBoi110

Also, if your going with the stud theme maybe change the bricks flying out into studs? You can maybe make the stud texture a bit transparent so it doesn’t look busy.

Thank you a lot for the critique, I’ll adjust the icon soon enough to fix up the main issues alongside some aesthetic changes.