What do you think about this screenshot?

I am making a game that involves spooks and all but I need some feedback on how I am doing so far…

I’m planning to make this the thumbnail for my game…


I have been making thumbnails for a few months and I find that personally the fog system in roblox is good for gameplay but not for high quality renders, I would render it in blender for higher quality work.

Learn the magics of Studio’s visual effects. They’re really amazing. You can find them in the lighting option in the explorer, add an effect there and start playing around with settings. You can make some high quality screenshots that way.

Here’s an example:

Plug those images into an image manipulation program (Photoshop, PaintDotNet, whatever suits your liking) and you can REALLY go creative and make some bonafide game thumbnails.

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Is it just me or the rest of the assets in the screenshots hasn’t been rendered yet

maybe its the fog… idk but I looks like it.

Ok so I tried using effects and it came out really good!


Yes, but thats just it. it’s a screenshot, not a render.

What is a render? Am I suppose to do a render?

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Its something you can do in 3D software, where the resolution is unlimited, unlike screenshots.

dang thats good make the path lead straight up touching the gate and yeah you’ll be good or somthing

The screenshot looks weird. The leaves on the right side also take away from it. The fog also takes away from it because it is only visible on parts. Overall, I dont suggest yuou use this for the thumbnail, as it needs an extreme amount of fixing.

just great, just wow… THIS IS EPIC!!!