What do you think about this thumbnail?

I made this for my game. I work super hard for this thumbnail.


This is my last choice updating my game.

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thats fire :fire: but it does look like a kid drew this but for a meme game its perfect! do add details in the background as it looks too empty yknow?


I know, but they’re driving inside the tunnel except the helicopter.

That’s my unfinished art, I only have time to finish it.

@Qinrir what do you think about this one? I added some details & stuff.


It looks great! Maybe try to make the cars less cartoony or change the font? (This is probably personal opinion but they don’t seem to go together)

what do you mean man? I just make it less better.

i mean like you used 3 messages to tell me something why not just use one like every other normal person. it just kind of bugs me.

looks wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better now.

Yeah man i just made this as a sequel.

yea the sequel is 100x better than the prequel use it.

I’ll make one more thumbnail and make it more better with a main character, to look awesome.

The player is the main character, me too.

yea i mean its your choice. idm. also add a bit of highlights and shading?

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nah im really bad at shading & i cant even move my mouse when im shading.

Also im better at shading, using the phone.

I used Microsoft Paint to make a thumbnails & icons, Sometimes it makes the thumbnail poor-looking.

use krita because WHAT THE HELL WHO USES THAT? TO MAKE THUMBNAILS? except when your in a hurry and exactly you used 3 messages to say:
i suck at shading. i am better at it on phone and i used microsoft paint.

Why don’t you make this scene in roblox studio and take a picture of it at the same angle? Personally, the current thumbnail would scare me away from playing.