What Do You Think Are The Best Plugins For Making A Racetrack

Whats the best plugins for making a racetrack?


I suggest you utilise this plugin.

Well it depends on what kind of racetrack, but I would create it in Blender and then import it to roblox. I don’t know any plugins that do this.

I would do that but i dont know how to import models

In Blender you can export your mesh to “.fbx”. Which you can import into studio with a meshpart. You should be able to find tutorials on the internet.

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Depends on how large the racetrack is going to be and different curve points it’s gonna feature if your creating something small and not large you might want to use some useful road plugins that would find you the results you need or there might be highly easier and helpful plugins that you can use along the process for building racetracks.

However you’ll need to learn sorting plugins in order to create roads easier you’ll likely find one or probably more of them whatever one your more comfortable with.

Some or sorting plugins will create much more - natural tracks however i’m not sure if this is what your looking for i haven’t tried it myself it might be something you could just take and see how the process looks. Archimedes plug-in might not be the one your looking for to easily create track sections. It’s great for creating some it depends on how large it’s going to be.

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