[WHAT DO YOU THINK?] I rebuilt a grocery store in Roblox Studio, do you think it needs improvement?

While I love the right part of the store, I don’t like the left part. The right is black and left is white just for clarification. Some comparison photos will be posted below to show how it looks like in real life and how it looks like recreated.

Please be as honest as possible as I’d like to make this my best built yet.

Building in real life

Building in Roblox


It doesn’t look like it’s finished yet, but it looks pretty good so far.

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It looks good Just Window is bad You need change the Window

The architecture of the original building is kind of wacky, but if you add the staff door visible on the reference, I think it’ll fill the left side out a bit more and make it less empty.

This is a bit of a smaller thing, but the light side of the building in the reference looks kind of off-white rather than a pure white, and it might make your colour palette more interesting if you try to match that.


front needs a little detail, especislly whe white part. other than that, Great Job!