What Do you Think If My game that I'm Working On?

Hello there,

I have a new game coming out and I would like some feedback Before I Publish it To the public? If you think I Should add Thing Into My game That would be great.

But my game Is going to be in BETA Because I am slow at building cause I’m more Realistic and Detail Builder.

Here’s Some Of the Game Soo Far.


Can you please elaborate on what the game is supposed to be?

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What is this game supposed to be? Could you at least provide a link?


It’s Going to be a Realistic Truck/Train/Boat Driving game.

The game is private.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

I wouldn’t have my hopes too high on this game, I personally have high doughts of it being successful considering the fact that your only other game is one of the default templates with no scripts called “Woodville (Open Beta)”, good luck though.

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I would suggest not charging for us to test your game. I understand its only a small amount, but it could come across as petty, asking here for opinions and payment. Still, good luck with your game!


Sorry I forgot about the Payment Cause I just Made It Public.

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…so are you gonna make it free or?

We aren’t paying 35 robux just to give feedback…

Also, I’d probably rephrase the description to keep it tidy and simple, something like so:


raw emojis since the devforum replaces them with twemojis: 🚘 🐞

:oncoming_automobile: Drive a truck or a train, and deliver goods across Robloxia!

(Removed the note about the trailer since you can just put it in a GUI in game)

:lady_beetle: Remember, this is a BETA. That means there will be bugs or issues! Report any to the communications server linked below.

How it would look:

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