What do you think of my 1st proper UI design?

What do you think of my new UI design?. This UI design is my 1st ever proper UI design!.

Keep in mind this is watermarked. Feedback is needed please.




Not bad at all, you have corners which are great but I would suggest you have a fun background instead of the white and I would redo trade logo and make it pop more.


It is a very good UI i am Impressed

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Like this?

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Thank you! :smiley: i agree to.

Hi, it is a good UI but the thing I dont like is how the girl isn’t centered, while the boy is.

other than that its good!

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A few quick things that I noticed:

  • The ‘trading enabled’, ‘player 1’, and ‘player 2’ buttons are all different sizes and also don’t have the same amount of space between them. Consistent size and padding would really help.
  • The text size for player 1 and player 2 is going to have to scale down if you are going to accommodate longer usernames (max is 20 chars. E.g. onlytwentycharacters)
  • As @veteraite mentioned, the avatar images should be even with each other and they should also have a little padding between the edge of the images and the edge of the button.
  • The UI gives off a cartoony/playful type vibe with the font choice and pet character but there isn’t much color so I feel a bit of color would really help bring the UI to life more
  • The icon and ‘trade’ text at the top feel a little large
  • Last of all, and maybe most importantly, I don’t actually know what I’m supposed to do on this page. I can’t tell if it’s a page for picking a player to choose from or if it’s the page where I make a trade with a player I already picked. If this is for selecting players I’d suggest making the player list more like a scrolling list of players to pick from and have the pet icon and trade text be smaller so you’ve got more room for listing players. If this is for trades then I’d expect to see more of a grid or something similar where the pet icon is for picking the items you’d like to trade. If you wanted to combine both then I’d suggest turning the player list into a scrolling list and when you select a player the pet icon changes to a grid for selecting what you want to trade.

I know this is probably a lot and you’ve done a good job with your first UI but with a few tweaks I think it’ll really take it to the next level.


They could use a drop shadow/3D effect maybe, but overall pretty good! :+1:

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Its very basic.
try adding dropshadows,make the text have effects, organise it a bit more
and just make it look like a trading menu in general.

The Cat image you included does not fit, the colors you chose are also not the best choice.

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Looks good so far, however there are some very minute problems.

In the title, it would be better to make the outline of each letter darker. It takes a second or two for the eyes adjust and actually make out the word, so doing that would be super helpful.

Not sure if it’s just my bad eyesight, but the boxes don’t seem to be lining up. For me, I make a seperate layer called “Measurements” then set the line colour to a sharp red. I use the line tool set to one pixel and draw straight down from where I want the box to start, then line them up accordingly.
The same goes for the spacing between the boxes. Draw a line between the first and second box and how far apart you want the gap to be. Every time you make a new box, you can drag the measurement down to ensure there’s the same space gap every time.

The box outlines also seem pretty dark compared to the rest of the UI, so I suggest making it a bit lighter. Possibly hex #444444 or #707070 would look nice.

Another tip is to not use harsh colour shading. The green dot on the little (slider thing?) is a harsh shade and it makes you not want to look at it. I also suggest adding a small outline to the white box since it’s pretty hard to see with the gray background.

Happy designing.

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It is a very good UI.keep up the great work.

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