What Do You Think Of My Bubbly Style Game Logos

I have recently got into ui designing and these are the first logos i made as tests and i would like to know how to improve on them


Lets just say if I ever run a studio I would hire you.

I would give this a solid 8/10.

Nice color consistencies and a really great job making your logos stick out. Definitely work that could earn you a little money.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks these where the first ones i made how would i improve to a 9

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Some background effects or colors can help spice things up. Also in the ‘Ability’ logo, the L and the I look kind of like a U. Some better outlines around this area could help improve.

Ok now i see what u mean about the l and the i making the U i will make sure that doesnt happen next time i make a logo

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Looks really cool! I really like that you made it cartoon looking (If I’m not mistaken).
I like the bubbly of how it stands out with the text and the white marks you have put on it to give it’s extra touches.
Very clean I’d say!


You could add a background image so we could see more of how it looks fitting with a background.

Overall I really like it in the way it stands out. I will say it fits amazing for a thumbnail.

Keep up the great work! :smile:

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If i where to sell these how much would you say people would pay for them

Woah, I would defiantly buy these for some of my games in the near future if they were on sale. These look really nice!

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These look fantastic! You’ve been able to create a complex glossy look that is both simple and effective and the colour and font choice is very eye catching and bold a crucial part of any logo.

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I’d say 500R$-3500R$. These logos are great! 8/10. Want to improve to a 9/10? I suggest adding objets like for fruit simulator you could put fruit in the background.

No Problem. :+1::smile::grinning:

I would say for like 150 - 500 R$ I would say that’s the range. Now I’m saying that because I don’t know what exact price it should be or how much someone will buy it for.

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That’s actually really good when I make a game I’ll be sure to hit u up for a logo.


I’d separate the lettering a bit more so people do not mistake letters for other letters, but otherwise it looks really nice.


This is one i made with a backgroud

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In my opinion 2nd has to be recoloured. 1st one looks great.


These look great! I love the “shades” and the colors used to the logos

I would price them between 500 R$ - 3K R$
You are really good, keep the great work!

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I love the icon, even though the colors are bright and eye-catching, I would try to add some indicators of what the game is about. If I were to see the icon I would assume it’s a super hero game, although I wouldn’t be entirely sure. For example, the Fruit Simulator icon possibly add some fruit emojis/pictures/clipart/etc.

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What software do you use? is it photoshop?

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Really nice logos!

Small points you could perhaps improve on it:
Try to make all the outlines go behind the other text, same for the black layers. This will make the letters look more blended together.
An example would be this:
Notice how nothing is overlapping and everything blends together as if the outline was applied to all the text (letters in this case) at the same time.

Some really minor things you can consider, fill the really tiny holes that sometimes occur when using outlines: image

Filling those holes will prevent any other colors from bleeding through the logo, which would become especially noticable when using bright colors in a background.

Finally, this is not a point of critique but rather a different style of ‘outlining’ you can consider.
Notice how in this example you don’t see any white parts in the middle section and instead it has been replaced by black infill.

Funnily enough, I came across this example I made which looked very similar to yours.


Yeah For These I Used Photoshop But Im Trying To Learn Illustrator So I Can Make Lots Of Different Things