What do you think of my city map?

Hello everyone,

I’m currently building a city map for my own personal use for my upcoming game. I need some feedback so that I know:

  • What is good with the map
  • Things to improve on
  • Ideas and suggestions for the map

This map has been in development for almost a month now.

All work here is built by me solely. All decals here were made by me as well.

All support is appreciated.


Very nice work! :100: Keep up the good work.

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That looks great! I really can’t find anything to criticize. Keep up the awesome work!

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the city has a very similar color palette… it fits though. nice job!

Hmmm, it looks good. The build style stays consistent which is the best thing you can do to make something look good. As for suggestions, I would reccomend you add more to the sidewalks, such as fire hydrants, parking meters, trees, trash cans, newspaper bins, etc. Also maybe add a script that makes the windows light up when it’s dark. Good build! :+1:

I would change the slate to concrete :+1:

I agree on this specific point, but also for an extra choice of idea, I would add some sort of road texture on top of the road blocks to give a bit more realism to it, if that’s the motive of your build.

I would also add details such as things that are attached to the roof of the buildings, like a vent for example

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