What do you think of my gfx projects?

Made On My Alt
Normal Logo

Halloween Logo

Made On My Main

If you wanted to help me out
The Donate Game - Roblox


I’d say this falls more under the category of art, but it looks good. Keep it up

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Very artistic and creative, could you maybe try to re-create this in any 3d modeling program…?

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I tryed putting under the art category for this, but I used the wrong category so roblox notified me and I had to remake it.
Thanks for any and all replys!

not great. so low quality, masking is visible as you can see backgrounds, its hard to read text, its low resolution, and not great posing. your resolutions don’t match, and its not great also because it also has like drawn out by hand things and is overall very messy.

also i dont like the advertissement :C


How is it advertisement, if I was just trying to show my projects?

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Hm. It seems like its too bright, maybe tone down the colors a little? Other than that, it looks good!

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IF it was an advertisement, I feel like people would click it because of how strange it looks.

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The most majestic art I have ever seen, too good to be true.


that part is the part where you advertise. you’re trying to get people to donate to you through means of this topic.

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that’s good you think about gfx projects how was good be ever studios


oh yea i would click these as soon as I saw them