What do you think of my gui

k what do u think of my gui for my game Capture99-

now dont be rude. cuz im not gonna deal with that mess. edited cuz some things i said couldve been offensive idk dont rc


Looks Pretty Good,
You Shouldn’t ask people to not be rude you need as much constructive feedback (usually rude) that’s how you can get the best advice/feedback squeezed out of anybody. back to topic it looks pretty good. :ok_hand:t6:


thx. but those r 2 different things. so ye. if its rude ima be rude right back

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I think doing that is hurtful to the devforum, most people here are normal and won’t be rude back to you.
Also, the post is a little low-quality. For next time, please explain more than “k what do u think of my gui for my game”.

It is a nice gui.


ye tbh i dont rlly care about how i make my post. im not trying to be like other ppl on here. when i make a post im usually off of this site

It’s an alright GUI, very simplistic and easy to make. It could for sure use less of a “3d effect”. If you would like to save space and keep things more organized, using vectors & icons can also be a good substitute for text.

Here’s an example below…


I’d say it’s a good start. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the color choice and would pick a color a little darker, but I guess it could fit your game’s theme. One thing you may also want to keep in mind is that sometimes, less is more. As @1XBL said, I’d think a more simplistic look would work out better. Icons instead of text could be a nice touch too, but overall, a good start. :+1:


btw, a color is an opinion not feedback. but thx for the feedback. and i feel icons r messier like. and i dont rlly get ‘good start’ like guis r not a thing to costantly to get better at like scripting. theres only so much u can do with guis. if u know what i meansss

I really like the shading, I think you did a good job!

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Looks nice, definitely better than anything I could do.
Only thing I’d suggest (IMO) is tweaking the colors so it’s a bit easier to read the text behind it.

Regardless, nice GUI! :slight_smile:


Is there any other ui in your game that you could show us? I’d like to see how you apply this style elsewhere.

ye there is but im just showing these

It looks good, it’s a decent GUI and I think it’s pretty nice.

I do, however, have a few… let’s say “issues” with it.

Particularly, the text is very bright and the background may be helping this issue. You could perhaps use a gradient behind it, and change the font from Sans to Fredoka, if it fits.

You could also, if you wish to, add a stroke on the text and make it slightly darker than the text itself.

See if this helped, and, I know, this is 2 years old almost, but I just wanted to give my opinion, so see if you could perhaps do something if you haven’t either updated this yet or improved the GUI.

By the way, this is my first major bump, hah.