What do you think of my intro? (Aftermath update 74.6pb)

I made this inside roblox studio with my logo for my game. When the game comes out of pre-beta (REALLY SOON) you can play it here

let me know what you think!


what the–

first off its too loud, too long, and repetitive. i don’t want my first impression of a game to be staring at a gas mask flickering with some hardcore dark metal rock loud music for 25 seconds

add more detail and stuff and shorten it from 25 seconds to around 5 - 10

also when you said you made it a tad bit loud…Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 6.26.29 PM

at this volume, and 75% on my headphones, its still kind of loud for me.

I agree with what @IceTheOneAndOnly said, but also:

  • Center the gas mask in the middle of the screen

  • The gas mask should only be on-screen for maybe about 5-8 seconds

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thank you for all the reply’s. This helps me very much and i lowered the volume of it to 0.3 so now it is very nice even on full volume. I also edited the intro music to be shorter.