What do you think of My New Game?

Hi, Just made a game where you can Create a Profile Picture with custom borders.

What else do you think I should add to the game Like for Example: (More Borders, Effects, etc).

I could add a Feature to Change the Color of the Image (The Color of the Border or the Avatar Image), I could also add a Feature to draw your own borders.

If you have any Suggestions Comment them Below.

Here is the game below


That’s amazing! I really like it so far.


I like your game, good job! :+1:


Pretty cool. Would be interesting if you added custom poses through ViewportFrames, but that would require a lot more work.

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Hi! This is looking really cool, and I can see lots of people using it. I saw a similar one like this, with the lego star wars profile pictures. I recommend adding it so you can move your character around and zoom in and out. Another idea would be having animations or poses you can put your character in. I also think you should make it so they can make custom borders. They should be able to pick between lots of border options and pick the colours they want. These are just a few suggestions, good luck!