What do you think of my new vibe bar ((Now Vibe cafe) Still testing)

Hey, so right now i was building a vibe bar. Now it’s named vibe cafe since I wasn’t sure if “Vibe Bar” would get through Roblox moderation. And I’m not done with the game so I don’t know if “vibe cafe” is a good name.

The whole main objective is just to hang around. I don’t know if I should’ve added a food giving tool or a drink giving tool so the word “Vibe cafe” would be a good name to fit the theme or the game itself.

Here’s the game: Vibe Cafe (Still testing ((Beta) A lot to do)

What do you think of my test vibe game so far? Should I keep the “Vibe cafe” name or “Vibe bar” name. Or something else? And what do you think I should add? or remove? AND YES, I AM SO FAR FROM FINISHING


Think it’s the wrong link mate, it seems to be the place configuration link

Oh god. That’s embarrasing. Try again.

With the build itself it’s definitely a start, My only 2 problems are 1. The lighting is just to bright and 2. Pretty minor but the boxes in the back don’t seem to match the build. Pretty good for a build just made today though :+1:

you should probably try and change the textures in it as they don’t really all work together, and also lower the lighting as it’s like a flashbang in there

I think you should leave the name Vibe Cafe the map looks good but inside is very bright.

It’s pretty nice looking but there’s too many different neon colors, try sticking to 1 or 2 colors. There’s also too many unnecessary neon parts.

PS I noticed that you took inspiration from the cafe building in Criminality

Yeah. I’ll try not make it a bit more different than the cafe in Criminality but anyways, thanks for the tip

So what I should fix is

  1. Too many neon colors.
  2. Too many lighting
  3. Too bright.
  4. Unnecessary Lighting/rooms
  5. Change textures
  6. Inspiration from Criminality/ Try to change building a bit

Textures for what? the floor? building? rooms? Shelf’s in the back? Can you try to be more specific?

Yeah I noticed, but I’m trying to make my first vibe game and I have no idea what to make bright. And what not to make bright.

Oh my gosh! My eyes are bleeding. I would say tone down the neon, also why is there neon on the seats? Make the building look like a modern building you might see in the city, something about it just seems off or maybe its just me. But my main suggestion is to make it a little darker and take off a few neon parts.

Ok. I put neon on the seat’s because I thought the seat’s were looking kid of plain.

Tone the brightness down, I dont get why there is neon on the table but its fine, Overall better then I could do so 6.2/10

Honestly, I don’t know where to put the neon stuff. There’s complaints there are too much neon things, but I don’t know where to put the neon effect.

Just tone the brightness down for now, And try configure it and move it to your likings :slight_smile:

It doesn’t have to be neon, you can put cool colors and patterns, I was just saying that it was a little bright and too much neon.

I’m just noticing it’s a whole flash bang D:

uhhh sorry i forgot to check devforum. i mean the texturing of the walls, idk but the default textures just dont go with your game