What do you think of my possessor "murder mystery" game?

I am trying to do a test release to get some player feedback and see if the game concept is even viable. Collecting data, I ran into these issues. Play the game first so you get the jist. It is kind of like a murder mystery game but there is a support role for the possessor(psycho) and a support role for the detective(psychic). Both psycho and psychic can find out the roles of everybody in the round.

1)In some rounds, which last 10 minutes overall, nobody gets possessed and all the innocents end up just standing there doing nothing for the whole round. This is due to the possessor either being AFK and nobody notices or the possessor doesn’t play his/her role.
2) There is a psychic and psycho role that can see who is who, but those two roles end up doing nothing either sometimes and it baffles me even though there is always a pop up that describes your role and your abilities.
3) The detective(who has the ability to shoot down the possessor and win the game) either does nothing or shoots the wrong person. The biggest problem I am seeing is that nobody wants to communicate with each other, and the psycho/psychic never tell the detective who the culprit is.
4) Usually the moments in which nobody gets possessed for more than 2 minutes is when people start leaving en masse, and I don’t know really what to do about that. I want to evoke tension and mystery, not boredom.
5) I see people saying “how do i even play”, yet there is a pop up each round on how to play in the first place.
6) I sponsored only for mobile, if that helps.
7) When there are 3 people left, the game turns into a game of tag where the last innocent person is running away from the possessor while the psychic is standing there(psychic can’t get possessed until he/she is the last one)

I would like your opinion on how the game design is, the mood of the game and how well it is done, and the overall gameplay. If you have suggestions/changes, please feel free to list them!


This doesnt fit on the scripting support category. Place it on #help-and-feedback:cool-creations

How do I delete this? This was intended for game design. Can a mod move the topic for me please?

Your custom chat has a bug. LocalPlayer doesn’t see their message.
Tad bit weird if this was intended.

Thanks, but I’m more focused on the actual game design. That error probably had to do with something running before the player completely loaded in

All good. Really like the idea. Somethings

  • Gun Sound is a JumpScare. :joy:
  • Game doesn’t tell what your status is. Took me 5 mins to realize I was the possessor.

I’ve favorited the game, and will keep tabs on the development.

No way… There’s a huge red text in the middle of a black screen saying you’re possessor before the round starts and then it tweens to the bottom left. Welp! Haha thank you

You can change the category by editing the topic and change the category.

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Yeah, didn’t show up. Thought it was my slow loading time, no errors in the Console. Just a whole bunch of Possible Yields on wait for child

-- Tries being a int
WaitForChild("Property", Tries)

will disregard that warning and try it the amount of times, at which it then will continue with a nil value.

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Games not bad to be honest, just sponsor it and work on adding more unique events & assets to make it even better. If you’d like some assistance I’d be down to help, and Invest if need be, seems like a cool little game you got going there.

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That’s not what WaitForChild’s second argument does. WaitForChild(child, timeout) will wait up to timeout seconds for a child named child to exist before returning nil.


My bad, I was informed incorrectly about that.

I like it! One issue is that gameplay feels just a tad bit slow, and rounds don’t differ from eachother. New content is key for a game staying alive.
Cool tip though: You don’t have to actually add new content to get that feel. Mixing up the gameplay each round should achieve that, and randomization is a quick and cheap way to do such, so add some more randomization into each round, and player interactions could use a little boost too from game to game, instead of just walking around the map.

With that being said, I noticed that users were able to give you maps to use, such as that forest map. Is there a certain way people like me could perhaps send a submission for a map? I have one in mind that I could probably build.

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