What do you think of my Theatre?

Ok thanks! For your feedback! Can you look at these signs? See if they’re better.

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It didn’t really scream “movie theatre” to me. Took me a while to realise.

The windows for the movie room are something that you don’t normally find, as most theatres like it to be dark inside so you can see the movie properly. Also prevents people from watching without paying, as currently I could stand outside the theatre and watch.

You mentioned being new to building. My advice to help think more about architecture and the purpose of buildings you should begin by recreating real-life buildings and architecture first, as building a good map is a combination of technical skill and architectural knowledge.

Thanks so much for your feedback really helpful! I will try my best to upgrade it.

It’s not bad for a starter, but if you take a look at other movie theatres, then they have some aspects that your cinema is missing like red seats, a bar where you can buy snacks, some management room where all of the aspects of the movie like audio and video are modified etc. But for someone, who is new to building I think it’s really great!

Thanks also I aint a very good scripter so it will be hard to script a management room but I will try!

It doesn’t need to have scripts, it can be just for aesthetic purposes.

Amazing! I really love this and the theatre looks good. I suggest adding some detail at the entrance room like movie posters or anything you think that will make it look welcoming. I would give it 7/10.

Here are some critiques I have:

The Theatre’s shape looks really box-like and has little-to-no exterior detail other than the big sign that bores the name.

Another thing is the windows that show the actual theatre seem very offputting in my opinion.

My final critique are the trees. The trees seem to be taken from the tool-box, so adding different kinds of trees you made yourself would spice things up. The way you also scattered the trees isn’t very good either, since it’s in a grid-like pattern so it’s repetitive. You should put it in a way that it seems randomized, and you should also rotate them.

The interior is also lacking in detail, since there aren’t a lot of props and stuff to make it really standout.

Its a great build though it is a bit lackluster in terms of detail.

It looks ok but a suggestion for

Try and fill in the space more because it looks empty and obsolete. Maybe add rooms and cut of in certain corners and add a rug. Maybe ease down on the lights too and decorate the place more. You’re new to building so a suggestion would be to first make the framing of the theatre then plan out the room sizes to prevent you having problems with huge rooms, hope this helps

This looks really cool, I do have a few suggestions though:

-Maybe try removing the window so that it seems like the movies, dark inside with a few lights and speakers.
-I love the interior, but I feel like you can add a lot of things to the exterior, like add a waiting line outside for instance, more cars, a road, buildings, stores, etc…
-You can also add like a security NPC at the entrance of the cinema and the gates, depending if you want to make more than one or not.

Keep up the good work though, I can see you have really good potential!

I think you need to put a lot more work into your theater.

  • You don’t normally find windows in a theater at all, I’ve never seen them in any of them, so try to remove them.
  • The outside part needs a lot more work other than just trees, may try providing some rocks, caves, etc.
  • There’s a lot of neon lights, to me, there’s so many, so may dim down the collection of lights a bit.
  • I would try adding a lot of variety to the walls, like move show times, movies that it’s going to show, etc.

NIce work! I would say It looks fairly nice, I have some suggestions though
I looks forward to seeing more from you in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Add more than just trees outside of the Theatre to add more life to your build

  • Adjust the lighting so that the darken areas of the stage don’t seem out of place

  • Add some cars in the parking lot so it’s not just plain empty

  • Place the trees in different areas or even rotate them to make the outdoors isn’t so plain.

Okay! I will work on it! :smiley: Thanks for your feedback!

Looking good! I really like it. I feel as there’s a lot of just blank/empty space inside, which you could add a few things like seating areas or something just to fill in the space. And on the exterior… try to move the trees around so they aren’t perfectly aligned and the same distance away from each other. Hope this helps and keep it up! :grin:

Looks great! I think that you could add a little more design on the interior and exterior. I also think that you could do something in the back. I also feel as if the 2nd floor should not have windows, being that it is a theater and theaters do not usually windows inside. 6.5/10.

You forgot to anchor the map, I can’t give any feedback due to me constantly falling to my death.

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Sorry, Ever since I used the new LUA dragger on that map it unanchored everything I anchored it again but didn’t work any advice?