What do you think of my Theatre?

Hey I just finished a building a Theatre it has some scripts in it but not much.
Please give me some feedback thanks!

Thanks so much for looking please give me some feedback thanks!


You can play the game here https://www.roblox.com/games/4931224593/Golden-Theatre?refPageId=3eef895b-3dc7-47cb-b96c-b7bf02102ad4

The theatre is good but you maybe need to do some more design on the map.


Thanks for your feedback! May I ask out of 10 what would you give the theatre?

I would remove the windows in the theatre room and maybe add a staircase leading to a door instead of an open staircase. Also, try making the outdoor trees scattered more because they look copy & pasted (which I think they are without a doubt).


Yes they are LOL also out of 10 what would you give? I need this incase I wanted to upgrade it and sell it in future comings.

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I would give it a 5, it is lacking lots of detail and there are… questionable features in your theatre that don’t make a lot of sense (e.g. the massive amount of lights, the red, green, and yellow spheres).

EDIT: Sign on the front of the theatre has jagged letters.

There should be more scenery,
I give it a 7/10.


The balls are balls for like kids to play with. Also I will try remove alot of the light thanks for your rating!

Okay thanks for your feedback!

The sign is a donation board which I am setting up.

I meant the huge “Golden Theatre” sign, it has jagged letters. Also, the “Tickets” sign is off-centered and has jagged letters.

Also I added alot of lights for the lobby becuase there wasn’t alot. Also I will make the letters not jagged. And the tickets sign centered.

And what do you mean by jagged for the Golden Theatre sign?

Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 2.29.38 AM
Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 2.29.58 AM

oh also is this better for the tickets sign I am using a Building Tools Plugin since it is better for making smaller objects and moving objects

The “S” looks bigger than the rest of the letters.

Mhm I can fix that. Again I am new to building only been building for about 3-5 months max

Is this better?

Nice to hear. Anyways, I’m going to head to bed, I hope my suggestions have helped you in the long run. If you need any more support from me, feel free to message me via the DevForum and I will try my best to address it as soon as possible.

EDIT: Yes, but the “THEATRE” still has inconsistent spacing and jagged letters.