What do you think of our new Roblox game?


We’ve just finished working on our latest Roblox game, Maldives Resorts.

The aim of the game is to work together as a server to run a resort. You serve NPCs, starting with Receptionists who check visitors into the resort. They carry out various daily tasks such as visiting the restaurant - where Restaurant Servers take their order, and Restaurant Chefs cook their food - and more.

There are a few different job types to choose from and tasks are automatically allocated based on the job.

The main aim of the game is to earn virtual currency which can then be used to buy and furnish your own house.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and ways we can improve upon our game!

Thank you!

I’ll also drop the game trailer below:


Howdy, I don’t usually play games like this. I had some thought that may be simple to add.

  • Can you add a system of “Undercover Guests” that are a lot more strict. As in they record your time to get served. Giving you a Resort grade, which can increase or decrease NPC guests. Else the “Special Guests”.

  • Can you add a system of “Special Guests” that bring personality to your experience. This can be in anyway, in terms of clothes, speech bubble fonts, GUI prompts to chat with them for (different room decorations based off their clothes), to name a couple ideas.

  • Lastly this game looks to be able to be a lasting game. That will be popular for teens and the bored days of myself.


Its sort of like My Restaurant, a BIG Games game I used to play, right? I like the idea of it. Keep working on it!

edit: much of the game is very polished, but there are a few bugs like in picking your plot


These are some really cool ideas, thank you for your feedback!

Guests do currently rate the resort and share their feedback which has an impact on guest numbers.

We are hoping to add special guests though such as influencers and resort critics that can have a variety of unique impacts on the resort!


Thank you for your feedback!

You mentioned some bugs in picking plots, please could you elaborate?

Also a heads up - if there is an existing house on a plot, it won’t let you select it and throws the error message.

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i guess i overlooked that the house was picked by someone else. really nice, and it all is very smoothed out, i dont think there is anythying else :smiley: