What do you think of the GFX for my new game?


Are those donut boxes? Or just regular boxes, either way, I think you could maybe make it better depending on which one it is? Sorry if this came off a bit rude.
Instead of on the floor, maybe in his hands?

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I think it needs more donuts. It just doesn’t scream donuts to me.


Looks really good. I like the text but however, that’s the only way I’d know it was about donuts. Add more donuts, too many donuts. Also, the right side of the thumbnail seems empty, maybe add something there?

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Adding on to this suggestion, it would be more clickbaity if they were unloading donut crates in a donut shop rather than booths outside.


The two characters are doing the exact same pose, the dude in the back looks like he’s going through garbage, and the box on the left is missing its left corner piece


There’s a issue with the ambient in the photo, almost like a low resolution blur.
The shadows they are in the wrong place if the Sun light is coming from the right.
The crate at the back has a bit missing on its right. If you improved this I think it will look better. The logo looks great however!


Looks good so far. I think it’s odd that the two people at the front hvae the same face, hair, and outfits though. It may be a good idea to spruce your characters up a bit.

As other people have already mentioned, there is a specific lack of donuts as well. Maybe a tree with donuts on? Sounds a bit stupid, but just an idea. :stuck_out_tongue:


Like other’s have said, there are a few improvements needed.

First of all, the theme of ‘donuts’ doesn’t appear obvious (or omnipresent) with this GUI. Could you add more donuts possibly to make it look more realistic?

Also, there isn’t much happening in the stalls, that could be a good place to put the donuts. Maybe make these donut stands?

Secondly, the boxes are off-putting -> they clearly aren’t donut boxes.

Finally, since I am quite a logistic-kind of person, assuming that the sun appears in the right (because it is brighter over the top there), the shadows are obviously off. Only someone probably like me would notice that - not the average person, but maybe try and fix it?

Apart from that, it is very vibrant and a good logo. If there are any questions with my feedback, feel free to reply or email me! :partying_face:



In regards to the subject, i like the image a lot. You actually got very decent rim lights on the characters, that’s something even i have trouble with sometimes.

There’s a lot of space in the background, why not add more donuts? Since we’re working with 3D programs, we can add rigid bodies to create a large pile of donuts. Maybe a couple hundred donuts? A couple thousand?


Just seems like a lot of empty space, not really telling the user what things are about.

And like maple said, since this is a 3D software you can essentially do anything in the scene, why not have the donuts look like they’re naturally piled into the boxes rather than stacked into a tower?

Also this may be an outdated term to use (apologies, last I majorly rendered was 2015-2016), but it looks like specular was turned up on the characters, rather than turned off. They seem much more faded and “shiny” (but with a matte finish rather than an actual gloss), throws off the scene imo.

For the booths in the back, why not fill those with donuts rather than leaving them bare? It’d add a lot more to the scene aswell just having those filled, another thing others have mentioned is the pose being the same with the two in the front, change it up a bit, make each subject have a different task so everything feels more natural.

The actual logo itself looks good, my only issue with it is how the “SIMULATOR” text curves away from the DONUT text. I personally would’ve either curved both, and given it a back drop that surrounds them, or kept them both straight, and again given a background as well (this is just what i personally would’ve done, it still looks good regardless.)

If you took out the logo, nobody would know what the game was really about, that’s the main thing that needs to be fixed, just add more donuts, maybe add a giant donut man or something, just throw donuts everywhere, why not make it rain donuts? Maybe a donut river, just more donuts!


Logo spacing is a little unusual.

There’s a lot of underutilized open space in your render. Similar to what cind_r was getting at, the way “SIMULATOR” curves doesn’t match the style of the word “DONUT”. Additionally, the way that both words are snuggled into the top-left corner makes for an oddly high concentration of elements into that corner.

I’m not sure what things would look like if you had Simulator in the same font as Donut and had it tile across the top of the screen in a single line, but it might help with spacing out the thumbnail and filling the empty space more efficiently.

My only other comments would be to add more donuts into the scene. I’m presuming that the goal is to have mountains of donuts in production, so you should showcase what a Donut Baron would look like, with mountains of donuts in the background, rather than 3 small stacks. Perhaps fill the two booths with donuts and have extra crates with excess pastries on the sides.

Ultimately, it’s looking quite nice, but there’s always room to improve and we’re here to offer suggestions. Nice work!


Thanks everyone for the suggestions etc, we will work hard to improve it!

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A lot already has been said about composition etc. (I’m also in favor of adding a boatload of donuts!)
Another small thing you could improve is the exposure, it seems a little overexposed, especially on the characters.

Nice GFX!

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And renders with R6 characters don’t? All Roblox GFX is exported from Roblox. I don’t understand where you are coming from.

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In my opinion, this piece needs more. There is a lot of open space. Great start, just keep building on it.

Posing characters by modifying the mesh is highly destructive and a terrible practice. You should never do this.

I don’t wish to derail this thread any further, but feel free to shoot me a message if you want.

It’s really simple. Seems hard, but very few steps are needed. Many game logos feature the same why I do. And the quality is amazing compared to just posing a character(R15 rig) in Roblox then export it into Blender.

Talk in DM’s.

Add some textures to the objects and terrain. The scene in your GFX looks flat without them.

Looks great up close, but from first glance ( or in the place of a thumbnail ), it looks kind of empty.