What do you think of the spin system in my game?

For clarity,
Apocryphal rarity is something I only ever want to see, like, 12 players ever have in my game
Secret is if, by some dumb luck, someone ever manages to obtain it, they get a race that’s more of a joke than anything else. Like Creeper race or whatever.

Rarity of race changes what kind of magic powers you can pick from at the start of the game (Only at higher levels of rarity, else you’re just a reskinned version of the common race), but I’ll make it balanced by making the more powerful magics also be limited in their usage (so for instance someone with apocryphal may be able to nuke an entire city but can only do so once every 30 minutes and can’t actually use any other magic, must use melee, so not that hard for a common rarity magic user to beat). It’s more for flashiness & fanciness than being actually meta. Oh and people who get a rare race that don’t want to have to deal with this can just pick to use a common magic along with their rare race, at which point it is purely cosmetic.
Also worth noting that I have set up a 2nd magic slot in the game’s save system and that I may or may not allow players to pick a 2nd magic late-game based on their race. This means someone with said nuke-an-entire-city magic would likely be able to use basic magic as well, however they may not be able to use it as well as someone with 2 of them? Not sure, I might not even let players use this 2nd slot.

You can only spin after resetting your save, as I want players to grow attached to their characters. Spins may only be obtained without paying at the end of the game. at which point you can stockpile them at a fairly reasonable pace, with no limit, until you grow tired of playing as your character and decide to start again with more than enough spins to get you something good.

I am planning to charge somewhere in between 5 and 100 robux per spin since I am completely solo developing this and I am trying to gather enough money for professional game development classes. It would also serve to discourage people from buying spins unless they could really afford it.

All kind of feedback is appreciated, whether it be your opinion of this as a player or an objective critique of the way of handling all this.


I think that if you’re willing to implement a system like that, you should first warn players of the ramifications of having a rarer race chosen for them. Otherwise, we might not choose to play the game out of unfairness. Imagine if 3% of all players were given all the power.

In the post I’ve clarified that the rarity of the race doesn’t mean power. It usually means you get access to a different kind of magic. Basic magic has both ranged attacks and close range attacks. Say you get a race that uses, I don’t know, gas magic. They would only be able to apply a debuff zone around themselves with that magic, and they would be forced to attack via melee. So, a common magic opponent could just stay away from your gas cloud and shoot you.

Given the labels you may have given each race (common, rare, legendary??), it may seem like I’m getting the wrong idea.

They just refer to the rarity of a race in a game world. Think of it like seeing a half-dragon 500 years after they’ve been rumored to be extinct. It’s not obligatorily a powerful race, but it sure is something you don’t see every day.

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I’ve added a note to clarify this.

‘Racial magics’. I was thinking more something along the lines of ‘special ability’ or ‘abilities for rarer races’.