What do you think of this 1980's computer? (Updated!)

The build is better than something I could build, however the mouse is too big and the screen is too small. Other than that I’d say it’s quite good.

Hello there!
Now I have no experience myself with Blender, I don’t think it would be too difficult to model a computer.
If you don’t have access to Blender, just try to use other parts other then rectangles, like wedges.
Incorporate Unions into your build as well.
Other then that, I think you got it pretty close but I still recommend using a reference image.
I look forward to seeing how it turns out!

I did, it’s kinda hard to see them but their in the build.

You might want to set your movement to about 0.1-0.01 studs to make it such that the keyboard keys and other objects are smaller like the irl version. But once you use that movement mode, you have to stick with it unless you are fine tuning parts, so that there will not be any ugly gaps (eg between chair and chair legs). This will allow your build to become more precise and accurate.