What do you think of this 1980's computer? (Updated!)

This was my first major build. It took me 3 days to make it. What do you think of it. It feels a little to blocky in my opinion. Please reply to give feedback.


What was your reference image for this?

I had none. Just came from whatever I thought of. Why?


Heya firstly I’d be careful about calling it a MAC for copyright reasons but moving onto feedback,

The screen is to small,
The mouse honestly is too blocky to resemble a mouse,
And I’d imagine it’s hard to type with 7 keys

If you just started tho nice attention to detail on the chips at the side


I couldn’t fit enough blocks on one keyboard. I could try though. Secondly, I did look up a picture, and found that the mouse was that blocky. It could have been an early design of it but that’s what I found. Finally, The screen was to hard to adjust. I tried multiple ways to change it and it would end up ruining the entire build. Thanks for the feedback, but I don’t think I can fix it anytime soon.

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Here’s what the original looks like:

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Download the curve plugin, (the real one) for wires as I imagine no computer before 2005 had a wireless mouse. Other than that it’s really nice!

I love it! I can tell it is an old computer and in the right lighting it would keep me immersed.

The mouse does look more like a clipboard to me. It should be slightly smaller than the hand size. If your having trouble introducing detail, you should try creating the smaller components with a mesh.
The wire would definitely be better as a Beam instead of a part. The floppy disks are ok, but your missing the metal disc in the middle.

For copyright reasons it is honestly better not to work off of a reference (see Doctor Sues parody, Oh, the Places You’ll Boldly Go!) and not include the logo (could be considered a trademark violation).

Ok, thanks for the feedback. Will use it to fix some things on the computer. I don’t have blender so I can’t make meshes. I did try and fix the mouse once, but it looked bad in my opinion.

You did a good job on it, but you could improve on it by:

Making the mouse a little bit smaller.
Making the screen bigger.
Add more keys to the keyboard.
There’s my feedback, :slight_smile:

Really nice build you did :slight_smile::+1:

You got the basic idea; keep going!

I get what you’re coming for, but I think that this computer has some flaws. I mean, the mouse doesn’t appear to have a wire attached to the computer, so you should probably fix that mistake. The wire connecting the keyboard to the computer is too big, I suggest that you reduce the size of it because it looks odd, same goes to the mouse.
Maybe you should make the computer bigger than everything else because I don’t expect to see myself “using” such a device that is smaller than its own components.

Legal Lessons with a random guy on the other side of the screen.

look mum this guy is wrong so i must be prove him wrong!!1!!!1

Well technically speaking, “Macintosh” is a property of Apple and “MAC” is a cosmetics producing company.

Ok, picking time over.

The Macintosh looks very clunky, I have multiple questions:

  • Why is the mouse taller than the keyboard?

  • Why is there only 8 keys on the keyboard which aren’t symmetrical and destroying my OCD brain?

  • Why isn’t there any curves? Refer to the image below

Click me!


I feel that this is lacking details. While I agree it is a bit blocky, some of the things just don’t look right. I hope my reply helped and I wish you good luck!

I hope it was clear I was not looking to attack him, I was just pointing out careful with the use of branding.


Great job creating this model! I think it looks quite nice for your first build.

I agree it looks a bit blocky, although the real machine is in fact blocky. If you can afford to add more details (+parts = +lag), you could add cylinders and spheres on the edges (specially around the monitor) to give some sorta of bevel effect.

The whole model is very well made. There's just a weird thing on the chair.

Apparently, the parts were not positioned correctly. A tip: first, complete the model, and then rotate it. Also, automatic surface joints sometimes mess up the build, so I’d just deactivate them. I’m sure it would help if you switched between world and local views (right click to see the options) depending on your needs.

Now that you know the basics of building, you can go a step further and start playing with constraints.

For example, the wire that connects the keyboard with the computer looks too much blocky imo. Changing it with a cylinder, or even better, a spring constraint, would be a good improvement.


An important thing you must have in mind whenever you build is proportions. The mouse seems too big when compared with the keyboard, doesn’t it?

Finally, for more advanced details, remember that Roblox unioning system (CGS modeling) opens you a wide variety of personalized shapes to enhace your creations. In this model, you could emulate the screen curvature with a portion of ellipsoid (deformed special mesh sphere type) inside the computer. You could also use unions to make a stepped keyboard so it looks more realistic (or just use WedgePart objects). This is a more complex or advanced form of building, but you’ll surely succeed with it eventually!

I hope these suggestions help you in your future projects. Keep up the good job!

I think the main thing I see is getting rid of the logo. I will do that very soon.

I don’t exactly know how to use curves yet. I am looking for a plugin to help though.

You could either union cylinders or use Archimedes.

Round the screen out like the picture you showed of the real computer, and widen the screen a bit. You also need to make the size of the mouse way smaller, considering it’s literally bigger than the keyboard. Then the keyboard should also be smaller in size, the mouse and keyboard at the moment are way too big.