What do you think of this game idea?

I am a few hours into developing this game idea:

I am not quite sure where to go next with it. Clearly, a lot of beautification is needed, but I’m not great at that so I might hire the help of a builder. I also need to hire someone to do some data entry, should I bother with the talent hub or is there a better place to do it?


Honestly, the Idea and concept is definitely there. It would be awesome to see this on the platform but right now as you said it’s not super appealing and a little boring. When I first saw this the idea of a 3d object came to mind being sliced with something and either a X or checkmark would come on to the screen depending on how you voted. In my opinion I would rather have the game be more Ui on screen then clicking on a block and such. I think with some more time and dedication this could definitely become something very cool! I would suggest discord servers for hiring and talent hub. I am also free if you need a builder. Overall, love the concept!

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