What do you think of this new logo design?

I have a made a practise logo (not really) and ide like some feedback please!

Edit: I have fixed the top cut of


I like the parkour legends part but what’s that yellow eyeball/octopus looking thing

That is a key! i got it from a website

The key doesn’t look good in my opinion. The rest of the art looks good but this part right here;
Just looks weird, maybe use a more round cutout of it? Other than that it looks great man.


Ok ill fix this. i already notised it tho

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Wow, this is really good! Keep up the good work!

The only thing I have to day about this is most of the time, players don’t like it when you add the “By _______” at the bottom. I mean, hey, it’s just me, but I would consider removing it.

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This is just the watermarked version so people dont steal the logo. i have a transparent one without the by goodboyshark one dont worry!

Aaaaahhhhh… I see. Normally I would just show the logo to a friend to their face on my phone or something, so they can, sure, get ideas, but they can’t really steal it.

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Although I do agree with @oVX0_0XVo, the key does need some work if you are going to keep it in there.
Why do you have a key in a parkour game?

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The website has a feature where if you click on he image. you have a download option where you can download the image. so if i use the transparent one. it can be stolen

i took inspiration from this portfolio right here

and this image:

that he/she made

Oh. I don’t think there is a need to use a key, the reason that there is one in that image is because it is a room escape.

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You should make the text white and the outline only coloured so it stands out more.
The icon needs much more work and needs to actually relate to the title.
You should make the outer outline less thick because its too distraction.
The font doesn’t stand out much, one that I suggest is “MOON GET!”, which is available for free on dafont.com.
I also made a tutorial on my YouTube channel “HowToRoblox” in which I went through all the steps for making a logo in this style for free: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZHzgQ7twfI&ab_channel=HowToRoblox


Yeah I agree, having the whole key be round like this part of the key would be much better. image

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There is no need for a key image unless the game contains use of keys?

Yes, I thought that too. He said earlier that the logo was inspired from an Escape Room of some sort.

Your my fave youtuber you know xd

it does use keys :open_mouth: XD [later on]

i kinda fixed it. its the plugin i used to make it

My favourite YouTuber is either Tamzy3D or TheDevKing (UseCode_Tap). I will check out his channel though, what do you make, @TopSecretSpy1177?

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