What do you think of this peice of music I composed?

Hey I made a cool piece of music:

I’d like to ask for your opinion on it!
Any feedback or criticism is ep0k!!!1!!!1!

have a free dvd

sorry for the lazy post.


It has a nice sound to it with a nice driving force. I may suggest just adding a contrasting theme to it as it is the same thing over and over for a minute. Rather than a fadeout maybe introduce a new idea for a minute or so, loop back to the main one and then fade out.


I quite like some of the complex melodies you have going in this song. Together with the beat, they make a very unique rhythm.

The main problem I see with the song at this point is its progression. It’s very linear since it doesn’t swap any voices and simply keeps adding them. As @AnimalBot99 mentioned, I’d suggest creating multiple “themes” with different voices that you can switch between and circle back to.

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Alright I’ll get to work on that.
Thanks for your feedback!

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What about this?


I like this, It feels like a character theme or main menu theme or a game opening, or a boss battle scene

It also sounds like music that would fit inside of a montage

what program do you use?

and is this going to be for that one game?

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  1. Thanks for the positive feedback! :smiley:
  2. I use LMMS pretty much the free version of FL studio
  3. Yes it is, I don’ know what it’ll be used for, but I’ll use it in that one game.

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yeah, That was intentional. for da derpy vibes. Or you could of been kidding and now I’m on r/wooosh

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Smooth vibes. I’d like it more if I had the rhythmic and chordal element a slight cut in the boxiness frequency(probably 400-600 Hz). Some cymbals need some slightly more tuning. All these issues are probably negligible. Awesomely done.

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