What do you think of this UI?

I Am making a wizarding game, It is something between high and Mid poly, I Have made this UI for the list of the script,

What should I add, Colors to change, OR things like that.

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It’s not really good. I don’t at all like it. Here are some suggestions though:

  • Try using images for the background to add some more detail to it.
  • Use UIPadding to decrease the text size and to make it a constant size.
  • Make the title more prominent.
  • Use a variety of fonts. Like a different one for the title and different for the spell names.
  • Make the keybind text into a small chip in one of the corners of the text label.
  • Seperate the spells even more.

Something like so:

As you can see, they use a background image, have the keybind in the top right use a better color for the titles and more. You don;t need to use images though, as you can just turn it into a text.


Yeah, I’m going to have to agree with @K4ttt_i here. The UI is bland, basic, and lacks personality. Definitely change the text to image icons and add some color.

Do you have any recommendations for what I can do with the background?