What do you think of this web-page?

Hello, I am a web developer and I want your feedback on my website.
I’m working on a project lately and ill have to remake it cuz I’m starting to learn Angular (smth for web development) I just wanted feedback to see if I should copy it, or try and fix some of the things you don’t like?


Another Screenshot:

What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading,

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For the main page, the text is hard to read and is small.

For the second screenshot, use a different color or a darker shade of white.

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Yeah I was actually thinking about that since the text matches with the background. Thanks for the feedback do!

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And also for the darker shade of white you mean the background?

Yes, I meant the background because it is too bright.

Yeah it is. I tried once gray but it didn’t really fit. I’m gonna try and find a color which fits it. And isn’t too bright of course