What do you think of this?

Here is the link to a detailed Bridge Makers Set that I am going to submit for endorsement. What do you think of it?

Would probably make a great Trusted Roblox Model.

I think more variation between them all, perhaps mainly in color, would help them a bit. Even if it’s just different shades of browns, it’ll make takers feel like they have a bigger variety. All up to you though on that idea.

Would it maybe be useful to have duplicates but color them all in different ways? Or, just make the bridges have some variation in color, or both?

I would make the bridge itself have variations in color. If you just duplicate it 3 times and paint it differently, it’ll be pretty overwhelming when someone inserts it into his/her game. There’s already a lot of physical stuff there!

I think 98% of people using studio will know how to change the color by themselves.

Ya, I just grouped the different stuff so it is easier to select all the parts that will look the same. (e.g. I grouped the frame and the wooden planks separately)