What do you think on my island?

So for my game I was gonna add islands and an ocean to the lobby. Is this island good? (Multiple images)
Island 1:
Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 6.56.05 pm
The whole ocean part of the lobby: (Ignore the move tool)
Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 6.56.33 pm
All feedback is accepted!


Looking great! The cartoonish style definitely gives a more “fun” aspect to it. But one thing, is it supposed to be that small?

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To get a better image of the size, I will insert a statue for scale.
yellow noob is the size of an average avatar
Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 7.06.32 pm

Looks great then! You did a great job.

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Thanks! If you want a proper scale, feel free to join the game and start exploring!


I like this alot! i have not alot of suggestions to give you, but give the rocks to go to the island some rotations, they’re all pointed in the same direction :sad: , but if you fix that it would be perfect in my eyes :happy1:

The biggest thing to me is the choice of color; I think that the colors right now are a bit too vibrant and harsh.

I edited the photos to give them (in my opinion) a more aesthetically pleasing color palette -

To me, the ocean seemed unnecessarily blue so I brought it down to a light/pastel blue color. The grass is more muted and desaturated to look a bit more natural instead of the neon green astroturf look it had. The sand is also more desaturated for visual consistency.

I think just by being more intentional about color choice, you can vastly increase the quality of your builds—keep it up :+1:

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Could add bushes, rocks, change the trees, change the shades of yellow, add better lighting with colour correction etc, add more houses and details, I’d say it’s a 2/10 for now.

Hmm, at the state that it’s at now is not very good. I’ve come up with a concise list of changes which I suggest you follow:

The Island:
Smooth out the edges of the island (no island in the real world is like that).

Tree Position:

Vary the tree’s position to not make them look like they’re in a row, it looks like that you’ve copied and pasted free models all over the island.


Extend the border (the rock wall) so that it completely covers the entirety of the area, don’t leave an empty area at the top, it looks unfinished.


I’m sorry in advance if I discourage you in the process of my opinions and criticism, but I believe in you that you can create quality work with enough time; remember, practice makes perfect! :+1:

Okay so in the first image I can see a pointy part sticking out, maybe negate that bit out or expand it out with parts? But seems nice, usually builds this big don’t need to much attention toward details. :slight_smile:

Hey nice build but I feel lthe Island is too flat. I don’t know if it’s the camera angle but it looks flat. Also why don’t you try in the Part to Terrain plugin? Maybe it could help with the water?

I like the trees and huts, you did a great job on them! Although I don’t really like the colors, they don’t really fit in very well.

  • The sand colors are too bright

  • The color of the water is too dark

  • One grass color instead of two

The dark colored water isn’t the best, you should change it to something lighter.

Here are a list of improvements I have about the island.

  • The 2 empty islands are too spiky. Use less parts when creating them.
  • Like gloows said, there is too less detail put into the island. I feel like it could use some more rocks and bushes.
  • This one was mentioned by xXThe_123Xx; the way the trees are facing is too aligned. Try rotating them more so they don’t look like they are all facing one direction.
  • The island in general (talking about the flooring of it) doesn’t look very detailed. Try adding some sort of material for the sand and the grass.
  • I’m not sure if your game is meant to be this way, but the water looks too solid. What I mean by this, is that it looks like you can just step on top of the water like a normal part. Try adding some more realism, or use actual water from the terrain editor.
  • Like what LiterallyWolfy posted, the 2 colors you put on the island don’t really work together. Try putting one instead.

    I hope this feedback helps!

My intention was to make it blocky. Anyway, thanks for the feedback!

Here is the new island!
Left side of island

Water colour
Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 8.33.26 am
Whole island:
Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 8.33.07 am

Nice job! It looks a lot better than it used to. I’ve come up with another idea for detail:


Where those huts are in the top-left corner of the island, you could place a campfire in between them.

Ooh! Nice idea :smiley:
Thanks for feedback