What do you use for GFX?

I wanted to know what do you guys use for your gfx for group logos ,advertisements etc.

If you want to put what you use Ill be happy!


The most recommended is Blender 2.0, but, there are many other sources, I usually use Paint.net.

As of right now, I currently use Cinema 4D to render and Photoshop to edit!

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how do you use paint.net to make gfx what lol

@OP I use blender since it’s the easiest for me/

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I’m not referring to GFX, I was referring to Group Logs, which has some that are not GFX, but, I could be able to do a basic GFX with Paint.net like this example:

When I get on to the website, I see this

The most recommended is Blender 2.82, but, here are many other sources, I usually use Paint.net.

Paint.net is an app that needs to be installed, I don’t know why it is a website. ://

Whenever you see paint.net, it looks like a link but it’s not. This link is not the correct link to download this program. You can download the official program here.


Thanks for letting me know!

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One Problem its shows me this


I use Blender 2.79b (the older version) just because it’s easier for me and most tutorials I use (when needed) on YouTube use this version.

On the link I just sent in my previous post, scroll down to where a table with this heading is shown:

If you would like to install Paint.NET (not the link), please use one of the buttons below.

In the table there should be a paid version and a free version by dot pdn. Click on the free version and it should take you to the correct page.

Which one the Start button?

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I use Cinema 4D, Photoshop, and After Effects.

Give me a couple minutes, I will DM you here on DevForum with a step by step tutorial.

Oh yeah I made this army guy using blender 2.83

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I use Cinema 4D and paint.net to edit.

Creating a “Gfx” in blender only wouldn’t really be effects, I mean you could add effects mid way in compositing and so on however, you’d of course use external programs like Paint(dot)net to add effects onto it, making it a GFX. (GFX is Graphic Effects, Not Just Render)

Anyways, I usually use Blender 2.82 (though 2.83 is out now but its causing me some issues + 2.9 is coming out soon with more features), and paint(dot)net for external effects/photo manipulation and so on.

I’d say it works out pretty good:

So there are 2 main software you use to make GFX’s. Cinema 4D and Blender. If you have a Nvidia Graphics card. I would recommend using Cinema 4D with Octane. Its an amazing plugin. If you don’t have a Nvidia Graphics card I would recommend using Blender as their in-built Render engines [Cycles and Eevee] are also very good. Try watching Fundamental and HotKey videos for each software. They are many out there on YouTube. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face: